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I am Christine Johnson, Creative Director at krazii paper (aka my entrepreneurial hub). Having earned my Bachelor of Arts in HR Management from Ashford University, I live with my family in Cypress, TX where we revel in the stunning outdoor beauty of Southeast Texas.

I’ve spent the last couple of years learning that bringing a new product to market is no short leap. But the journey is proving to be very rewarding and educational.  With the assistance of my Paper Engineer (my handsome hubby) together we developed a patent pending, gift tissue paper that was a Best New Product Finalist at the New York Stationery Show in 2015.  Our luxe gift bag and tissue was featured during 2016 in Weddings in Houston Magazine.

A personal, favorite quote is “Clarity comes from engagement not thought” (Marie Forleo). While chasing my passion I discovered my gift for guiding other entrepreneurs on business setup and management. A service I now extend both virtually and on-site.

Additionally, I am a proud Distributor for It Works! Global a company that promotes both becoming *debt free and giving back.  In 2016, I took a long hard look at my life. There were a few things I aimed to change and ONE thing I aimed to improve…my financial situation!! Four years of college and several tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt did LITTLE to improve my employment status. After writing down some goals, I got to work on a plan to hit each one. In December 2016, when this business fell into my lap; I knew it would become a massive influence towards improving my income and most importantly give me control of my schedule. #

I am thankful you stopped by today. I hope you see something here that inspires you.
Why be ordinary when extraordinary is an option? ~Lauren Lake

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